Areas of Expertise

Expert Psychologists - Areas of ExpertiseI provide comprehensive psychological assessments of adults over the age of 16, for a wide range of presenting problems, using objective psychometric assessments and by a semi-structured clinical interview.


Areas of assessment include:

  •  Cognitive/intellectual functioning (IQ)
  •  Social and adaptive functioning (necessary for a diagnosis of a learning disability)
  •  Suggestibility and compliance
  •  Fitness to Plead
  •  Mental Capacity
  •  Capacity to consent to sexual activity
  •  Capacity to manage financial affairs
  •  Capacity to parent, risks, and insight and motivation to work with professionals
  •  Mental health and mental illness
  •  Personality and personality disorders
  •  Affective conditions (e.g. anxiety disorders, depression etc.)
  •  Memory and executive functioning
  •  Malingering
  •  Aetiology of e.g. violent and/or sexual offending inc. manslaughter and murder
  •  Female offenders including infanticide and female sexual offending
  •  Factitious and Induced Illness behaviour
  •  Risk and emotional control
  •  Adult ADHD
  •  Autistic Spectrum Disorders
  •  Internet offences (inc. ‘catfishing’)
  •  Capacity to parent and work with professionals
  •  Suitability for psychological treatment

This is not an exhaustive list.  Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

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